July 9, 2007

Pork cutlet restaurant WAKO

There is the good Pork cutlet restaurant closed to Marunouchi North exit of Tokyo station. It is the Tonkatsu "WAKO".
Here is the good lunch menu around 1,000 YEN. They serve the refill free for rice, miso-soupe and sliced cabbage.

WAKO is located basement floor, at Marunouchi Center Building.

See Google Maps.
But Japanese.

July 8, 2007

Taxi at Tokyo Station

If you take a taxi at Tokyo station, please go to Marunouchi side. Here are taxi stop at either north, center and south exit.
Do not go to Yaesu side. It is always busy.

July 7, 2007

Tokyo Station Access Information

If you take a Narita Express Train to/from TOKYO station, Marunouchi North gate is very convenient, Marunouchi side instead of Yaesu side is not busy. And North gate is close to the platform for Narita Express(NEX).
As you can see the link below, here is the elevator at north exit. It is right next to police station. You can miss it.
Tokyo Station Map

July 6, 2007

Narita Airport Access Information

This links help you to access Narita Airport.
- By Railway
- By Buses & Taxis

February 28, 2007


You can find the many Japanese restaurants in anywhere you visit.
I suggest you to try some family restaurant chain.
They provide you the comfortable space and good taste of lunch.
They basically have special menu for lunch, in weekday.
Most of menu have actual photo of the food, then you can easily understand what you may choose.

In Tokyo metro area, I reccomd you to go 'Jhonathans'.
Most of the 'family restaurant' is mainly focus on outer city, but 'Jhonathans' chain have a lot of their restaurants in Tokyo metro area. They have more than 15 restaurants around Yamanote line.

Today's lunch is just 661yen, that include cup soup, main dish and rice or bread.
If you pay additional 168 yen, the free-flowing soft drinks is available.

See google, but Japanese!





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